Thursday, January 5, 2012

Is Your Bed Made?

I introduced a new word to the kids last week: "CHORE." And guess what? They LOVE it! :) "CHORE" doesn't have a negative meaning yet, since they are only 2 & 3 years old. It's a GAME, a RACE, an ACCOMPLISHMENT!!! These all words that have been used along with their new vocab word, "CHORE. "
Clayton loves doing his new chore each morning, and he even inspects Sadie's bed & even Mommy & Daddy's bed to see if we remembered to do our chore. Clayton loves things in order and done the "right way". Lucky us to get a type-A child when Andy & I are "fly by the seat of your pants." It's fun though. Clayton keeps us motivated to organize and keep things in order. He loves when the house is clean and even compliments me when the house looks especially nice. One morning he came downstairs, not knowing I had been cleaning after he went to bed the night before. Everything looked clean, and Clayton sounded amazed as he said, "It looks so wonderful in here!" Awwww, made my day.
I am hoping to add new chores for the kids as needed. They love to help with the dishes in the kitchen and hold the dust pan when I sweep but it's not a set thing they have to do. I know the best time to teach is now, while they are little and enjoy the work. They don't realize they could get a reward for chores yet...way cool! It's great to have passed the making of beds on to them now! Here is Clayton faithfully making his bed....Here's Clayton's bed with his pillow pets.
Sadie's is easy since she got a Princess sleeping bag for Christmas! She just has to pull it straight and put her pillow & dolls/animals in place.
Yes, Andy & I are in sad need of a new bedspread/comforter thingy. Our room is brown & orange with a bit of Safari highlights...any donations will be considered. :)

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