Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Anticdotal Kid Journals

Every time the kids say or do something especially funny or cute, I immediately think "now, I need to go write that down!" And although I do blog about things at times, I have felt the need to actually journal it for the kids to look back on later. I do keep their baby books updated, but those are limited to certain things like medical, birthdays, vacations etc. I also like to scrapbook with pictures (when I get around to it), but the journals are just for pen and paper writings as I see it from my "Mommy-perspective."
I bought these cute little mini journals from Staples. It was something I knew wanted to start right away at the beginning of this year, and already I know I love it, and realize it could be meaningful to the kids someday. I can envision the teenage years when they feel like I never loved them (remember those years!?), and I can whip out these journals and let them read not only the cute and funny things they did in their childhood, but thoughts I have for them, letters written specifically to them and scriptures I pray over them & claim for them.