Tuesday, March 18, 2014

3 Months...

Oh sweet boy, how is it that 3 whole months have gone by already!? You are the sweetest baby in the world, Tanner Lee!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Our Much-Anticipated Date Night WITHOUT the Kids!!!

Tanner is now 3 months old!!! Andy & I hadn't gotten a chance to go to eat out without the kids since Tanner was born. My parents took the older 2 kids to sleep over night, and neighbor friends kept Tanner for a few hours (Momma wasn't quite ready to send him overnight yet!!!!!!!)
As you can see, Tanner got a lot of attention, making it easy for momma to drop him off for a while. Andy & I had the BEST TIME EVER- eating Thai food at Siam is a HUGE treat for us spicey-food lovers!!!!
I don't know when our next date night will happen, but I will cherish this one for a long time! :)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Prince Charming & Sadie-rina Go to the Ball

Sadie couldn't WAIT for the father-daughter dance at church! :) She wanted princess hair & sparkly shoes...!
Sadie is a natural when it comes to posing! :) What a night of amazing memories!!!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tanner Lee's Baby Dedication

Tanner on the screen....
During the dedication...

Our family with Our pastor, Steve Stoltzfus
We are SOOOO thankful to all of our families who came to witness Tanner's baby dedication. It was a wonderful day and my mom cooked an amazing meal for everyone to eat together after the service. It's not always easy to "return" our child back to God, but they are His anyway, and I just love the account of Hannah (in 1 Samuel) of how she prayed for a son and then dedicated him to the service of the Lord. That is my prayer today too! I sure love my sweet Tanner Lee Plank, but I know Jesus loves him MORE!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

We love our 3 little valentine's SO very much!!!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Piano Lessons (by Mommy)

Andy surprised recently with the keyboard of my dreams!!!! I have always wished to teach my own children how to play piano, so I was tickled pink to get a piano of my own!!!
Clayton has asked for quite a while to take either drum or guitar lessons. I told him that Mommy believes piano helps teach a ground knowledge for all music, and that if he took piano lessons seriously, he could take any instrument he wished in a year or two. He has been bugging me about lessons ever since I said that, and especially since his beginner lesson books arrived in the mail! :)
Tuesday nights are hit set lesson and he was an eager beaver tonight as we sat down to work through both Theory and Keyboard books. He did so well and we ended up doing two lessons (of each) in own night.
I am like a kid in a candy store seeing how excited Clayton is to learn. Sadie stood and watched questioning when it was her turn for lessons!!!

The Question I Stopped Asking My Daughter...

There's one question that I've asked my young daughter, Sadie, since the time she could respond with understandable words...My motives were to let her know how beautiful I thought she was, but I started realizing just last week that the opposite was actually at risk in her mind. Oh My!
Oh, you were waiting for the question. It's simple this:


Seems harmless, right? WRONG. I began to realize that when I asked this question, it made my 4-year old stop to think through her day at preschool, church or play-date and specifically try to recall if anyone made ANY comments about her hair, dress, sparkly shoes etc. If no such recollections existed, she would look at the floor and say, "No. No one thought I looked pretty today."

You see, I ALWAYS think my sweet pea is gorgeous. She is so beautiful inside and out. She has a go-with-the-flow personality (most days). She sings all.the.time. She dances on every surface available. She has sparkly eyes that just glow with laughter or drown you in her pity-parties. She is smart, super funny, compassionate and has such an eye for sparkles, glitter & all things leopard! :) This is what I see and know with my mommy heart.

When I ask that question that I previously mentioned, if the answer is "no", she thinks she is NOT all of the wonderful things she IS. What a shame!!!

How many times have I tortured myself with this question or similar!?
If I get home from church, lunch with a friend, or a meeting and realize no one mentioned my flawless fashion sense, then somehow my fashion must have been "off" that day, which would get me to thinking that maybe they didn't like me all. What in the world!? Did I just say that or even think that!?

My identity must not be in my fashion or people's comments, opinions or even beliefs of what makes "me." The truth is- We are each loved, chosen, fearfully & wonderfully made in the image of God, our Father.(Psalm 139:14) He makes no mistakes and He loves each of us so dearly.
THIS is the message I want to ingrain in Sadie's tender mind. When we stop believing the lies of this culture- that thin is in. That blue eyes & blond hair are best. That I must wear all things chevron or those equestrian boots that everybody has....and realize that even if these made up "beautiful"- I simply couldn't keep up anyway and that is OK!!!

Oh how I long to imprint these truths on the minds of the whole section of young girls who sit on the front rows of my church. I remember well being a young teenager- the nervous bundle of frizzy hair and acne that made me want to shrink with intimidation when the "pretty" girls walked in the room. "How in the world would the cute boy ever notice me when there's "HER"...?" Of course, there is something to be said for a pretty face. God made us all that way. But what about aiming to be a girl who exudes joy to everyone around her? What about being gracious, kind & plain ole FUN!? Most boys would rather be around (and later date/marry) a girl who is confident in who she is than be stuck with a bossy, high-maintenance girl who is pretty but mean. TRUTH!

So take heart girls! Don't be so hard on yourself! You do NOT have to have it all....just be YOU! God is not calling you to be the winner in the beauty pageant. He is just leading you to be a the godly, kind, caring girl that looks outside yourself to see the girl who is hurting to encourage. Maybe you could resist a bit of the peer pressure to be a light who radiates the love of Jesus!!! Think about it. No need to do a 360*. You don't want to freak your friends out! :) Just start small.