Saturday, September 6, 2014

Go Team Plank!!!

Today was our kiddos' first ever "real" soccer games!!! AYSO is such a fun way for us all to spend our quality family time!

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Hands & Feet of Jesus (Happening Tonight)

The last kid is in bed,
In exhaustion I hang my head.
If crying would help I would,
I feel lost, lonely, misunderstood.

Then I hear a knock at the door.
Who would be knocking now?
I don't want to answer. I'd rather hide.
My house is messy inside.

I turn on the light, flip the lock to see who's there...
and there is a couple with a box of blessing to share.
Love in their eyes, joy on each face
to be giving, loving, serving with grace.

I don't know what to say,
To be reminded at the very end of my day-
That people care, people remember,
That at least through the week, I have to play "single mom" through December.

I cry. I vent. My "thanks" sounds so small.
The hands and feet of Jesus is shown despite my thick wall.
Why try to be strong? When all along,
Jesus WILL show up in the most unsuspecting ways when we need it most!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Clayton in 1st Grade....WHAT!?

We love this kiddos that made us parents. Just wishing we could put life on slow motion, because Clayton is growing waaaay too quick!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

8 Months Old

Tanner Lee= 8 Months Old. (24.10 lbs. 30.25" long) wearing 18-24 mo. clothes, rolling, sitting, waving hi, giving high-five, eats everything in site, holds his own bottle, gets mad if we leave the room without him (aka: SPOILED)- but generally sweet, adorable & fun all around!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sometimes One Must QUIT to Win!

Sometimes one must bow out...if ever so ungracefully. We have often heard that quitters never win, but that simply isn't true, is it???
Think about this:

Have you ever seen someone completely exhausted, burned-out, weary, and tired to the point of being ineffective? That person should have quit while ahead!

Have you met someone who's heart has been shattered, but refuses to take time to grieve properly? That person should take a break to heal.

Have you heard of disaster in personal finance, moral decline or even failing health, but neglected to make proper steps at digging back out of the trap they had caused for themselves? They will never find success while denying the failures at hand.

You see, most people believe that to quit is always the wrong choice, no matter what circumstance may be at hand. Truth is, if your situation is more than you can bear, is weighing heavy against what scripture says, or you know in your heart to be leading to disaster, please QUIT!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I am not saying to "give up" by any means. With Christ, ALL things are possible.

But, consider taking a step (or two or ten) back, and re-examine priorities, goals, and reality once more. You may find you began the journey you are on- for other's expectations, or for haughty personal gain, or maybe simply the season of that event is simply passing.

There should be no shame in saying, "I'm tired, I must rest."
There should be no condemnation is admitting, "I should never have put myself in this dilemma to begin with."
There should be no guilt in acknowledging "A very good season of life is at an end, and I am tired of striving to keep the door open, when clearly, another must take the torch."

Maybe all of this is gibberish to you. That just means, it is not for you. Maybe it is just the ramblings of a weary momma who needs a bit of extra rest tonight. But if something deep inside you longs for rest that does not come by simply not setting your alarm clock....the kind of rest that bring peace, relief, calm, tranquility, I beg you to step back and see what it is that you are missing...It may just be that you need to quit something.

Quitting is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it IS the open door you've been praying for!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

7 Months Old

time is going way too quickly! Tanner will soon be 8 months, but I didn't want to skip his monthly rocking chair picture altogether!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

First Broken Bone :(

we had such a fun family night...until it wasn't fun anymore. Clayton had a bit of an accident, and it looks like he gets to experience our family's first broken bone...and summer just began. He became quite a brave little trooper though.