Tuesday, January 3, 2012

4Ever Frenz

Everyone can probably say they have a forever friend, ....Natasha (Walter) Orvis, Mary (Hollenbach) DeBolt & myself have been friends since we were born, growing up in the same church and school. We have said many times how nice it is that we can easily "pick up where we left off" any time we talk or get together. Conversation always goes to birth stories, dreams, goals & parenting struggles/victories- all without pressure or judgment. Lots of encouragement is handed out freely and it's always a reminder of why we are friends in the first place. :)
Although we text and email, we hardly get to see each other, and never all 3 at the same time, so getting together (without kids!) at the local McD's and chatting over mochas was a real treat!!!! It may be a long time until we get to do that again, so we made sure to get a picture to help remember the special evening!!!!

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Mark and Laura Fultz said...

Love! Love!! I understand the sentiment completely!