Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Piano Lessons (by Mommy)

Andy surprised recently with the keyboard of my dreams!!!! I have always wished to teach my own children how to play piano, so I was tickled pink to get a piano of my own!!!
Clayton has asked for quite a while to take either drum or guitar lessons. I told him that Mommy believes piano helps teach a ground knowledge for all music, and that if he took piano lessons seriously, he could take any instrument he wished in a year or two. He has been bugging me about lessons ever since I said that, and especially since his beginner lesson books arrived in the mail! :)
Tuesday nights are hit set lesson and he was an eager beaver tonight as we sat down to work through both Theory and Keyboard books. He did so well and we ended up doing two lessons (of each) in own night.
I am like a kid in a candy store seeing how excited Clayton is to learn. Sadie stood and watched questioning when it was her turn for lessons!!!

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