Saturday, January 12, 2013

Seeking my "Why"

Oh My! After taking a look back at this time last year, and reading my blog a year ago this week, I find myself a bit frustrated once again, but NOT without hope! Back in boot camp with several challenging work-outs in already this new year, I am armed with the knowledge to make a healthy continuation of my fitness habits...but isn't that what we are ALL armed with? Knowledge? What about determination? Motivation? Commitment? I remember last year being absolutely desperate to change my bad health. Desperate to lose weight, get fit, eat healthy, be a great example to those around me... I am struggling to find my "WHY" for fitness this year. It's no so "new" anymore to do the things that are healthy. I've been on the journey for a year. If feels a bit "old hat". (whatever that means!) I still want all of those things I mentioned above, but what about fresh motivation? Any ideas? Sometimes other areas of our lives feel this way too, right? Like we know the "RIGHT" thing(s) to do and we know the results are worth it, but we struggle to follow through. I was waiting to post until I found my "why", but I felt compelled to write it now before I found the key for 2013, so the victory is that much sweeter. Anyway, Here's me all sweaty and gross after my workout. :) On to the next phase of fitness. (Oh, by the way, I was down another -2.5 pounds this week, so that felt good!)

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