Saturday, January 7, 2012

Boot Camp Day 1

So after the first morning of the Transformation Workout, I did NOT feel like blogging about the experience. After talking to my husband, we both felt it necessary to "journal" this journey, and blogging is easier for me than writing it all down. If you are not prepared for some jaw-dropping numbers, facts & painful truth, please do not continue reading. This is not for you to be "in the know." It is another step at transparent accountability in my life.
My emotions are a bit raw at what I learned about myself today....
~The chart above is a typical BMI (Body Mass Index) chart. A healthy woman should fall in around 19-25. My BMI is 49.5
~Body fat percentage is another number to know. For women between age 20 and 40, 19% to 26% body fat is generally good to excellent. My body fat percentage is 48%.
At these terribly high numbers, along with my weight (not quite ready to reveal) I am high risk for diabetes, heart attack among other dangers. If these numbers do not fall, I will not live a long, healthy life.
I have been living in complete denial of my condition. Rather than judge myself by the healthy standards doctors and others have studied, I have thought to myself, "Well I am not as big as _______ or as unhealthy as _____________ or as out-of-shape as _______________. This is always leads to the path to denial, bad habits and lack of motivation. I thought because I can crank out 40 minutes on our elliptical that I could do half decent at learning the new exercises today.
At this morning's fitness assessments, I could not do one ab crunch. I could barely hold a plank for one minute. It was certainly humbling & eye-opening for me to see what I have let myself become!!! The word "CAN'T" has dominated my thinking, and it's high time to CHOOSE to turn can't into try, then try into DO! Although my body and emotions are crying out, I must continue. I cannot afford to quit because it's hard. Philippians 4:13

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Missy said...

Kara...I'm so proud of you! It isn't going to be easy, but I know you can do this. Your head is in the right place. Before long...your body will start showing results of your hard work and it will be so worth all the pain and tears. Don't give up!! Love...