Friday, July 27, 2012

Here We Go Again...

Andy found out yesterday that he will be deploying in a few shorts weeks. He will be gone a year.
In a way, this feels like Déjà vu of 2007, leading up to Andy's first deployment. 
At first, the news hardly sinks it. It feels like you are talking about another family or something. Then the emotions hit, and you start realizing how all the plans that were made for next year, have to be put on hold...there will be special holidays, birthdays and events that seem unbearable to miss. After the first waves of emotions hit, the realization sets in, and there is a deep-settled peace that all will be fine. 
God is in control. None of this news surprised Him, and He has a beautiful plan for it all. This is what will help us survive the next long year. This will fuel us on with strength and wisdom to make the decisions necessary to do what we need to do in the short time before Andy leaves. 
We certainly appreciate all the prayers and words of encouragement we have received already. We are not alone, and we will grow stronger through the next 14 months, I'm sure!

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