Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Back to the Basics

Whew...I am aware. I have not been posting as much on my blog as I'd like to lately. There have been lots of topics swirling through my head for posts, but I have not the energy to write about what I've been experiencing in my mind.
This blog title, "Back to the Basics", is what I've been trying to focus on as I reel from the complex thoughts I've been trying to wade through. Ok, I already realize I'm beating around the bush rather than actually say anything.
I will say that I feel like I am slacking in the resolutions I had made for this year. This bothers me so badly, because I determined that this is the year that I would NOT slack off in my goals. I feel like my patience has been lacking, my exercising has lacked in intensity, my eating habits have lacked in discipline, and my general attitude has lacked intentional positivity.
I was challenged by something I heard this weekend. "We will get off track at times. It is what we decide to do to get back on track that matters." I don't know if I would have cared so much before (if I had slacked off.) With having ridged guidelines and goals for myself this year, I really notice when I am not hitting those goals with purposeful action. I feel miserable and probably pull others down around me.
I posted about PDCA the other day. That has been my constant reminder lately of what I know to do. It's not the complicated , hard-to-understand goal-setting that I need to do right now.
I have planned. I have done. Now as I check, I realize I am slipping and I must adjust and go back and  PDCA all over again.
I choose to be focused. To do what I know needs to be done. I choose to get back in the game, and pray for patience, exercise with intensity, be disciplined in my eating, and remember that I control my attitude- my circumstances do not.
I will be back and I will be better.

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