Saturday, March 3, 2012

That Kind Of Week

You know when you have "one of those days?" Well, I had one of those WEEKS this past week. I was hormonal (I know you wanted to know that), I was craving all the wrong kinds of foods, I had little motivation to exercise, and I just wanted to sit and feel sorry for myself all week. I know I complained more than my share of stomach cramps, not enough sleep & whatever else came to mind.
I figured I would gain weight this week. I had even thought through what I was going to say at my weigh-in and what I would post on today's blog- that is just "was what it was."
I will say that I did not give IN to all those urges to overeat and lay around, I just FELT like doing that. My MIND was in fat mode, but my new eating/exercise habits that I've been developing over the last 8 weeks kept me from overindulging. I DID eat chocolate and my beloved cheese this week. I didn't deny myself, but I kept it in moderation. This is not credit to myself, but the things I have been learning and the discipline all those weeks of self-control paid off on the week that I wasn't in the MOOD for practicing those new habits.
It's like anything in life- spiritual, relational, fitness, finance...when the ground work is laid, and we continue to do what we know is right to do, when the tough temptations loom, it will be easier to say, "no, I cannot do what I know isn't right." I am thrilled to be learning these principles and seeing them play out in such practical areas of my life!
So today, I FELT bloated and slightly edgy, so I figured I had gained, but by remembering balance and moderation, I was overjoyed and surprise to see -3 more pounds had come off in my "off" week. Thank you Jesus, and Thank you, TrotFitness!!!

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Raylin said...

Good for you! :) Keep up the good work!