Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring is Here!

I honestly don't think I've enjoyed a spring this much before. Maybe it's as the kids get older and love to be outside or just enjoying life. We are outside much more than we ever were, and I am loving it. I am realizing how quickly the house work can fall behind when I am constantly supervising the kids outside, but oh well.... :) I know I haven't blogged as regularly as I usually do lately, but really all I've been up to is this: I have been babysitting, eating healthy, exercising regularly & helping friends plan a June wedding. That while keeping up with church activities, working on debt-reduction plans and studying have kept me as busy as I allow myself to get. I am content to live as simply as possible right now so we can be in the place God wants to use us when He calls. Thanks for checking in, blogger-world! :)

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