Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fitness Progress

Ever since I first saw the "Subway guy" pictured with his pants pulled out to his side, I have always wished I could have a picture like that! Today's weigh-in was only -1 more pound lost this week, and although it seems slow, I am just glad I am losing. As I started replacing our seasonal clothing yesterday, I tried on a lot of my favorite clothing to see how they now fit after -21 pounds lost. I was absolutely so excited to see that my favorite short-style jean skirt was this much bigger on me than I had been last summer!!!!! I could hardly believe it. I wore this skirt all the time! Unless I figure out how to take in the sides, there is no way I can wear it anymore. WooHoo! Watching the scales may not always be the best motivator...I'm anxious to see how many inches I've lost next Saturday at the TrotFitness transformation challenge finale. I'm a bit nervous, because I know it is a very close race, and not even the trainers can predict who will win. They said it is down to a tenth of a percentage! YIKES! I hope to run for all I'm worth this week, and even if I don't win the challenge as the #1 winner, Andy told me I'm the winner in his book for doing the hard work to start this fitness journey! That made my day!

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~Natasha~ said...

Wow Kara! That is incredibly AWESOME! It has been great "following" you through this journey:0)