Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like....

WAIT A MINUTE!!!! I didn't even get our fall pictures taken yet, and now a forecast of 4-8 inches OCTOBER!??? I'm not really complaining because I DO like snow, but I look forward to it in the winter, like close to Christmas!
I heard on the news that it hasn't snowed here in October since the civil war!
The kids were thrilled though, and of course that makes it magical no matter what time of year it snows.
We had lots of errands to run today, so we were out & about in the storm, buying supplies for the coal stove etc. We are ready for whatever weather now. Bring on the cookies and hot chocolate, and maybe even the Christmas music! :) Now if only Andy were home to shovel the coal for me....oh well, can't have everything.


The Dickinsons said...

I can't believe it...snow already?! How neat! Looks fun! =)


Crystal Mason said...

Didn't it snow the end of October that one year we went to Youth Challenge (that was held at GBS)? I remember how slow we had to drive to get there/get back. And wasn't there a deer we hit or something?

Anyway, I'm getting so old I can't remember all those details anymore! Ha! Ha!

Enjoy the beautiful snow for us while we "enjoy" the hot and humid temps here!!!

Kara Plank said...

Youth Challenge used to be held in November at GBS. After several "snowy" years, the new dates for YC became the end of Oct. when it moved to the Higher Ground complex. That year we went to GBS was the last year to be held there.
Snow was probably early either way that year tho! :)
It's weird because some years, we are just hoping to just get some snow before Christmas.