Saturday, October 15, 2011

Concord Grape Jelly

MMMMMMMmmm, my whole kitchen smells like a Welch's factory!!!! I just finished making grape jelly for the first time. (I've made Strawberry freezer jam, but never other fruit jellies until today.) When I saw and smelled (yes I sniffed them in the store :) the concord grapes for sale this week, I bought 2 boxes, not sure what I was even going to do them. I thought maybe they would just be extra yummy for us to eat. Then homemade concord grape jelly popped into my head...
Homemade Grape Jelly:
2 small boxes of grapes (like pictured above), approx. 4 lbs.
6 cups sugar
1/2 water
1 sleeve of liquid fruit pectin (Certo)

I used Andy's fruit extractor/juicer to get juice only. Otherwise you'd have to use a food processor to crush all the grapes and then use a double cheese cloth to strain out all the stems, seeds, skins etc of the grapes.
May need to add approx. 1/2 cup to get a total of 4 cups of grape juice.

Pour in the grape juice into a medium size pot over medium heat. Slowly heat to a boil. Add the sugar and bring to a full boil for 1 solid minute. Add the fruit pectin and boil again for a minute, stirring constantly.

Pour into sterilized and prepared half-pint/jelly jars. Should make 6.
If you poured while boiled, you shouldn't have to do a water bath, but otherwise, water bath for 5 minutes in canner.
My super yummy homemade concord grape jelly! MMMmmmm!

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Missy said...

Great job, Kara. I love the smell of making grape jelly! Haven't made any in a couple of years! Nothing quite like canning different kinds of foods. Love that time of year! Always look forward to a new post on your blog. 8-)