Wednesday, October 19, 2011


HAHA. Did the title get your attention. When the 30 STRAY SOCKS got mine as I tried sorting through the stray-sock basket in the kids' room the other day!!!
I could not fathom how we had that many unmatched socks!!! I searched through the laundry still being done and did manage to find about 9 matches, but I still have approximately 20 socks still without a mate!!! I know a lot of people who are buying Miss Match socks and Crazy Socks, so I went ahead and made "pairs" of similar matches (pictured below). Anyone know or have proof if the washer or dryer really does EAT socks??? I do have a lingerie bag that I always washed the kids' socks in when they were infants, but after age one or two, the sock-size grew and I didn't think it would be a big deal anymore....maybe I should just go ahead and use that mesh bag until the kids have adult size socks. Whew!
Did you ever see the dryer's lint trap after just one load!? There's no way I have that much lint in MY worn clothing, right? I think the dryer is programmed to destruct 1-2 socks out of each load. Or maybe it's just that the strays are still stuck to the gathers of my fitted bed sheets....Whatever the theory, I suppose I know of two particular kids that are going to be rocking the mismatched sock trend for a long time!!! :)


Raylin said...

I would be thrilled to have that many strays in my house... my mom recently spent several hours pairing socks and came up with over 200 pairs... :) She says she is never buying socks for my kids again. :)

Kara Plank said...

goodness! 200 pairs!? I thought 30 was astounding! :)