Thursday, May 19, 2011

Too Much Rain?

The weather has been nothing but rain lately. I wanted to get my garden in soon since all my seedlings have really sprouted and are out-growing their indoor pods. I just checked the forecast, and there's possible rain for at least another week, so there's no tilling the garden until at least the end of the month.
I heard on the news that the local farmers represented at the farmer's market can't get their strawberries, peas and corn going because of the wet soil, and when those products do come in, they have to raise the price.
Seems that lots of rain does cost more...but regardless of the rain, if the seeds take root, the harvest will come in its due time. I've been studying scriptures in Ecclesiastes, and it amazes me that God has a beautiful eternal plan that no one knows about. We just have to trust that He has it all figured out for us, and we just do our part with joy.

I love this chorus from Michael W Smith

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