Tuesday, May 17, 2011

America's Next Talent?

We were away over the weekend, so I realize I haven't posted for several days. I usually dislike when many say that "they have been too busy to__________", so I will just give what has been happening around here, and leave it at that..... :)

God answered a huge prayer for us over the weekend concerning Andy's job, and we are so thankful for His moving. With talk of his upcoming deployment, Andy has had many trainings to go to this year, so rather than a long get-away, we will try to take lots of day-trips or long weekends with the kids when we get the chance. Fortunately, Knobel's is so close, so we have already enjoyed time spent there, and Clayton often asks to go to "Obel's", and Sadie chimes in "Yeah!".

Oh, to explain the picture above, the kids just love to put on "shows" for Andy & I. They each have a cheapy microphone, and they clear off the coffee table, and sing a show for us, dramatic bows included. We clap and holler and cheer, and they beam.

Seda-Cog has been conducting an energy project in our hometown for a national study. They have now been working at our home to replace old or inefficient appliances, insulation, thermostats etc. It is quite an undertaking, and Clayton often asks if the "mans are gonna come back tomorrow to fix." Our pre-civil war home is drafty, and they are seeking to fix that and cut our water & electric bills. WooHoo for that, right!? :)

Well, it's about time for me to get around for the day. Just wanted to give a small update before another busy, er... planned day occurred!

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