Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Starting My Garden

I had hoped to get to the local farmer's market today, but with the cold rain, I will wait to see what next Wednesday looks like. I finally got a bit of a break to sit down and start my garden plants though. I expanded my produce-types this year to include sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, string beans & jalepenos as well as what I did last year-(cucumbers, peppers, watermelon, tomatoes & yellow squash.) Last year, I also tried spinach, but it didn't come up well, so I think I'm going to buy spinach plants later on a the market rather than try them from seed. I am excited and hoping to do a bigger patch than last year, since the kids enjoy helping me with the gardening.

Oh, and I also planted a jar of orange poppies and placed it in my sink window to help me remember to pray for Josh & Donna Peachey as they serve in Guatemala.
Crystal, what do you want me to plant for you? :)


Crystal Mason said...

Hmmm...let me think on that and get back with you!!! =)

Donna said...

aww, Kara! I feel loved:) I hope the poppies grow beautifully!! Whenever I see poppies I feel so overwhelmed by God's love for me. thats why I love them:) thanks for the prayers!

Kara Plank said...

You should feel loved, Donna! :) The seeds are definitely spouting and going to town in that jar.

I was thinking maybe I'd plant sunflowers outside for you, since they are so bright (like MX)...???

Crystal Mason said...

Kara, that would be fine...or I'm partial to any type of roses or gerbera daisies (although they might be harder to grow)!

Let me know what you decide. Seeds would be such a neat idea to pass out to our supporters to help remember us in prayer... Maybe I should do some more research on what different flowers represent. Anyway, I love the idea! Thanks for thinking of us and praying for us!

Crystal Mason said...

Ok...excuse half of my earlier comment. ;-) I like the sunflower idea. I can imagine all sorts of parallels to use with it. Not only does it represent all the hot and sun here in Southern Mexico, but the flower itself always turns its face to the sun (signifying that we should always be looking towards Christ as our SON so that others can see Him through us...or that we can help turn others towards the SON, etc...).

Kara Plank said...

Oh good, I will check into one of those types then! :) Seeds are so symbolic in many ways...the month of March, Walmart sells their seeds for $.20 per packet (They go to $1.00 in April), so March is when I stock up for my garden etc. Might be good to remember that for future reference on deputations etc.