Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easy Flavored Water

I recently went to a fancy tea where the water had lots of ice and strawberry slices in it. I honestly thought there had to be sugar or something added since it was so DELICIOUS, but nope, just water, ice & strawberries! A lady at my table said that during her recent trip to Mexico, she drank water with sliced cucumbers with lime. So I decided to try both versions (without the lime) at home today before serving to guests, and my kids even LOVE it, and beg for the slices out of the water. Nothing like cool, crisp flavor with no added sugar! In my opinion, this is better for the kids than fruit juice, so this is going to be an essential to our summer!!!


Angie @ said...

Kara this looks wonderful. I would really like to try this. Can yu give me some more details? How long did your let the berrys and cukes soak in the water before serving. Did you serve them right in the water or take them out? Did yo hill the water before serving or just add the ice? This looks really good.

Kara Plank said...

I simply cut up one whole cucumber for the one gallon pitcher, and one box of strawberries for another, added ice cubes and cold tap water. After about an hour, both waters were delicious (I stirred before pouring each time), and once both gallon jugs were emptied of water, I simply refilled them with more water, and the produce made yummy, crisp water for the 2nd gallon!!! After that, the produce got white-ish and a bit water-logged, so I bought new, but the cucumbers especially kept giving an awesome flavor for the 2nd gallon! YUM!