Tuesday, May 24, 2011


After so much rain, today was so wonderful! The kids & I took lunch to Andy, then spent some time at a great park. The kids did not want to leave, but we had to stop by the store yet, and I knew their bellies had to be getting hungry! We got some "new" cereal (different than our usual), and they insisted on eating lots of frosted mini wheats for lunch. EZ for me! :) Not sure why I'm posting this, as it is just rambling. Maybe I think the dishes and laundry are boring today...
Here's my to-do list for the remaining part of May:
-Schedule our Seda-Cog finish house inspection
-Put the last of our cold-weather shoes and clothing away
-Plan and pack for a family mini-get-away
-Store away the changing table and Sadie's crib until the next child is thought of (tear, tear)
-Get the car inspected

Wish List
-Get the garden tilled and put in
-Check on strawberries (to make another year's worth of yummy freezer jam)
-Get food and plans around for another "invite our neighbors" cook-out

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