Friday, May 27, 2011

Already thinking about school at 3...???

Clayton has been talking about school A LOT lately, and we explain to him that he is only 3, and that he should just have fun playing and watching Thomas the Train movies. He says that he is not 3, and he needs to go to school.
At least for pre-school materials, until Clayton is old enough to go to school, I have been inquiring of home-school friends & researching quite a few home-school materials lately, and found one that another friend of mine uses for her kids. (My Father's World) I think the curriculum looks good, but Clayton already knows all the preschool materials, and since he sounds bored already, I know the easy school-work would be even more frustrating.
We have been doing lots of learning games on the computer, and he LOVES that and begs each day for me to stop what I am doing and go help him play the games. I can't always do this, so I did teach him how to point and click the mouse, and that works for him for quite a long time, so I can get some things done as Sadie sleeps.
Here is another good site for free Bible lessons to be teaching at home.
No matter how good of a Sunday School or Christian program a school or church has, I believe it is the sole responsibility of the parents to be teaching about God and His Word at HOME. The church and school can be a back-up for Godly teaching, not the other way around.

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