Friday, July 10, 2009

Packing my bags-35 days to go!

I am packing up my hospital bags, since Andy leaves for a couple weeks of training tomorrow. I am preparing ahead of time in case something would happen while he is away. (Seems like I've done this before...!!!) The baby's bag is all packed, and I am working on mine & Clayton's. Does anyone have any unique ideas for me to take-things that you had or WISH you'd had to make your hospital stay more comfortable? I'm interested to know!


Raylin said...

Things to eat after baby is born... I get SOOO hungry in the middle of the night, and I get tired of bugging the nurses to bring me something. :)

Noah and Heather said...

I took a book to read while waiting, since I had to be induced and knew I would be there forever. I also took snacks. Oh, and my own pillow, I hate the hospital head pancakes! I'm not very exciting, so I don't have many suggestions.
How long is Andy gone for, and what is he doing?