Monday, February 9, 2009

Clayton's 1-Yr. Check-up

Questions I was interested to know-
1. How much does he weigh, & how tall?
A- 23.12 lbs. (he lost some weight), 32.25" tall (still the same)
2. What can I give this child since Milk was a disaster-Soy? Lactose-free Milk?
A-either Soy or Lactose-free Milk is fine.
3. How many meals should he be eating-he's random at this point.
A-He's on track. 12-36 month old children eat in spurts according to how they are growing at the time.

Clayton is a very healthy boy, and for that, I am so thankful!!!


Missy said...

Way to go, Clayton!!!

Cyndi Musser said...

I would suggest the Lactaid milk! I have been lactose intolerent for a long time! Everything with dairy in it made me deathly sick! I tried Lactaid milk, and have been able to drink as much as I want of it with no problems!It's real milk, just with an added sugar enzyme that your body requires to digest milk! It is more nutritious than soymilk, and tastes just like regular milk!

Sorina said...

I have an allergy to milk, not just intolerance, so soy nor lactaid works for me. The boys (all 3) cannot tolerate milk, and soy gives them gas so I will try lactaid (glad I saw the comments)! Since they are older, they take calcium supplements and can tolerate yogurt!!

Kara Plank said...

I did put Clayton on Lactaid. Thank you, Cyndi for the suggestion!