Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nature Walk

Today I took "my" kids out on a nature walk to look for things to collect to make collages. Each kid was equipped with a plastic bag and giant imaginations. We found lots of leaves, flowers, pine cones, tree sap and bugs. Below are lot of pictures of our wonderful finds...There was lots of fun had by all
-Here I am talking about turtles: this one being a large snapping/hissing one.

The turtle digging close to my feet:it was trying to have some privacy to lay eggs...

Luna Moth: very pretty! (for a bug)

Deer Tracks- we also found bunny track and 'snake'tracks (actually made by a lawn mower, but they were convinced otherwise)I told them to keep an eye out for dinosaur tracks. hee.hee.

A kid with his finished collage


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David & April said...

Are you the Turtle whisperer? Ha Ha! Looks like your kids had fun!

Missy said... are the best teacher ever, Kara. I am sure your kids had a great time.