Thursday, January 3, 2008

Are these the "end times"?

I thought my doctor's appointment would be routine today. WRONG! My blood pressure was sky-high, even when taken again after laying down. I got straps put across my belly to monitor Baby's heartbeat and movement. That part seemed ok, but my blood pressure stayed high after an hour and a half. I got a bunch of blood-work taken.

My doctor suggested sending me to Geisinger's Labor floor, to my protests about my family-hosted baby shower tonight and my house not being ready! lol She said that she understood about the baby shower, but the messy house is irrelevent! (imagine that!) I am to get my BP taken each day this weekend, and go back into the doctor Monday.

I will keep you posted!


Justin and Jennifer Harris said...

How are things going? I know what a terribly freaky feeling it is to suddenly realize that things may not go as you had planned! We had that with Evan and I feel for you! We'll be praying that your BP straightens out and you can go full term.

the nathaniel covert family said...

hey,kara just wanted to say congrats on your 1st baby!! i hope that all goes well with your bp!! feel free to leave me a message anytime!! Amy(roush)Covert