Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Extreme Makeover *Heart* Edition

I recently invited someone to come over to the house to help me sort through clutter, and I laughed that, "left to myself, I'd never let anything go." It's true of the clutter in my house, and God gently reminded me today that it's also true of the clutter of my heart! Household clutter has sentimental value to me, but getting rid of it does not mean I am throwing the memory away, but it does mean there is more room for the important things to shine...Heart clutter has roots in bitterness, forgiveness and pride. Getting rid of that clutter does not mean that justice is served or that things will go the way I "want", but it does mean that there is that much more room for the right things to find "new homes." Just as my house needs a good spring cleaning, so my heart need Jesus to clean the cobwebs of my heart so HIS truth can sparkle through me!

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