Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of School!!!

 Clayton did preschool at home last year, and this year he begged to go to "real" school. So we enrolled him in the New Berlin Christian Preschool. We had orientation last night and today was his first real day. The school is within walking distance of our home, so we will be getting extra exercise this year! :)  Grammy Forney sewed Thomas the Train patch onto Clayton's backpack since we couldn't find a Thomas one in the stores. It turned out AWESOME!!! (Thanks, Mom!)
Clayton was so excited, I could barely get him to eat his food before leaving for school! He kept telling me he was glad he was going to stay alone instead of us there like the first day (orientation). lol. What a kid! He makes my heart melt at how grown up he is becoming!
 Proud Daddy!!!
Proud Mommy!!!
Proud lil Sister :)
We started a new routine to prayer for his teacher and classmates before leaving for school. This is a big step for him, and I want him to know even at 4 1/2, he can be a light to those around him!

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