Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Failure = The Road to Success

"Failure is NOT the opposite of success. QUITTING is the opposite of success." ~Zach Frey

Today's workout was tough, and I quite honestly wanted to quit, right there in the middle of the session and go home. My attitude stunk, I stunk for that matter, and I just could not hardly find the physical or mental strength to continue to push myself. My shin-splits were just screaming, and all I wanted to do was quit- just for today. I knew I didn't want to quit the program, but I did want to quit the session early and go home and rest.

With my head, I could hear the trainer talking about how statistics show that huge percentages of people who joined gyms at the start of the new year would quit going by mid-February. I could hear him asking us who that was going to be out of our group. I knew I didn't want that to be me, but how could I push through the pain and exhaustion!?
Somehow I managed with Jesus' strength, to finish the session. Although I did not push myself today the way I should have, and failed myself to a point, I ultimately did not quit.

I am realizing there will be bad days and better days at this. I will fail myself and others supporting me at times. I just cannot quit on myself though. I will win this battle of food addiction, self-pity & obesity. Perfectly? No. Increasingly? YES!
I was was just reading this & this blog posts (from Paul Peterson), and the principles mentioned helped me today:
1. You have to hurt before you can grow
2. Showing up is half the battle
3. I get stronger when I go with someone (have support)
4. Know the difference between good pain and bad pain. (and stop when it's bad)
5. Stay close to people who are stronger than you
6. Ask lots of questions

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Missy said...

So glad you didn't quit, Kara! You are so strong. I know what you are doing isn't easy at all, but I also KNOW you can keep going! Stay strong. Love you, girl!