Monday, February 6, 2012

Diet Tip #1

We often think about food, how good it tastes, and what we are going to eat next. One tip I recently heard is to eat the same healthy lunch for a week. The next week, change the food, but still eat the same thing for lunch every day that week. This helps your mind to re-train itself to focus on portion control and healthy eating since you already know and have planned what you are going to eat in advance. We get in trouble when we stand in front of the open fridg or pantry, allowing our eyes to roam over the many options of foods to eat. We usually end up eating more than we intended because there are options. Set/pre-planned foods illiminate overeating.
I took this challenge last week, and I really was surprised at how differently I though about food this week. My lunches every day last week consisted of what's pictured below: a whole wheat wrap with a slice of turkey, slice of cheese, lots of spinach, and a drizzle of olive oil. A light activia yogurt and 16 oz. of water to top it off. It's filling, healthy, and satisfying. Imagine that!? :)

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