Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stoltzfus Adoption Update: In Ethiopia

Sharon Stoltzfus
we made it to meet ruth and manny today. they were expecting us even though they had not received our pictures... they were very well prepared and greatly anticipating us coming and having a family of thier own. they both hugged and kissed all of us and manassie had tears running down his sweet little cheeks. They are both very inteligent. Ruth loves school and seems very independant and really wanting to learn and be a big girl. She loves her sister already. We colored with them and painted Ruth's finger nails. we got balloons out for all of the kids and then we saw Manassie come alive. He is a live wire. We gave them both piggy back rides and chased balloons with them. Ruthie was most into learning how to blow and tie the balloons. we had a little trouble getting her to get on dad's shoulders but when we did she was very happy. They got to stay home from school today. when thier friends came home from school they were so proud to show thier family off. Ruth kept pulling on Riley and both of them were hugging and kissing all of us and telling us they loved us. Manassie kept yelling something we didn't understand so we asked our translater what he was saying and he told us he was saying "My daddy has come! My daddy has come! The orphanage prepared a coffee ceremony for us and made popcorn for everyone over an open fire. Ruth proudly served popcorn to us and her friends. It was amazing and heart wrenching. All of the children are soooo precious and loving but of course we would pick ours! tomorrow am we are going to take a boat on lake awassa to see hippos. There are monkeys running around the lake. then we will go to see our kids at thier school. then we will go back to addis. They are being moved on Thursday. so we will get to see them every day and hug and kiss them before we come home. Tyler and Riley were just incredible, very mature and doted on thier brother and sister and all of the kids. Riley painted all of the girls finger nails. Tyler ran and gave lots of piggy back rides. Manny loved to be chased and teased by his dad and brother but we were all amazed at how he would run and yell mama for comfort and safety. the day far exceeded our expectations and I think we have a much better idea of how to prepare for them and even know what to expect. We think Manny will require lots of loving guideance. Ruth was more reserved and quiet and very loving and sweet. We can't imagine what they are thinking at thier age or what all of the changes will be like for them. They are leaving all that has been familiar to them for a one year and four months to live in another orphanage for a few months until we get thier visas and come back for them. thankyou all so much for the love and prayers and encouraging words. we feel your prayers and are so blessed!
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Sharon Stoltzfus
a hard but good day. steve was in bed all day. tyler and riley and I went to visit our kids. manassie was napping for a few hrs when we got there so we colored, played play dough and painted nails with ruth and many other children. I brought all of theese activities and I am so glad I did. even the older kids crowded around and wanted to be in on the action. The guy who runs our guest house, abrah...am came to meet our kids today. I had him ask ruth how she is doing and she started crying. she said the change is hard. it was heart wrenching for me but I was so happy to see the emotion and honesty. I just want so badly to be the one who can talk to her. as we played she really warmed up to me and she told a boy who speaks english that when she is with me she is good. That means the world to me. riley got sick while we were there so she was sitting at the table with her head on the table. ruthie kept kissing her and riley would return the kisses. It was awesome! manassie woke up from his nap and came in as a delightful storm. you will know what I mean when you meet him. his eyes dance and he is full of life and energy. He immediatly wanted to know where his papa was. we had our 11 year old friend explain that his papa is sick today but will come tomorrow. so every once in a while he would say" papa is coming tomorrow!" this eve we had a cookout at our guest house. he invited a family from the states who have 4 ethiopian adopted children. It was a fun evening. I am the only healthy one left- tyler riley and steve all have a head cold, cough and fevers. tomorrow is court day. so, we have to function!! thankyou for your prayers. . I will update tomorrow to let you know how court went. I am confident that they will be officially ours tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

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