Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Scent of Him

With Andy away at a school, I don't have his laundry to do this week etc, but the other day, I was sure I "smelled" Andy, and couldn't figure out why my brain was telling me that...UNTIL, I went downstairs. As I walked, the strong "aftershave" scent got stronger and stronger until I discovered a slimy little girl cheerfully slathering her Daddy's shower gel all over her bedding...yeah. That girls finds every possible way to make a huge mess. The dirtier the better for her. Some other examples this week of her smears have been pudding, poop & potpourri. (See it's even alliterated!) :)


Angie @ said...

Oh Kara God Bless you. Maybe Sadie missed Andy and she thought by smelling what he smells like he was more there to her and she missed him. I hear you about dirty girls though my Girly Girl loves making messes as well. This has been a week for me as well we had 7 drinks spilt here within 3 days 5 of them were at one meal.

Kara Plank said...

yep, I am resigned to the fact that as long as I have toddlers in the house, there will be huge messes to clean up. They say we will miss these days... :)