Sunday, August 14, 2011

My "Baby" is 2

Can't believe sweet Sadie is 2 today!! Sadie is such a sweetheart, and a Daddy's girl through and through. She talks a mile a minute and loves to play mommy to her doll-babies. She rocks them and shushes them :), she sings to them and puts them down for naps. She loves animals, hates anything loud, gives big kisses and has the best rhythm I've ever seen in a child this young! We love her to pieces and when we tell her we love her, she replies with, "I luv u more, more, more!"
I know God has such a special plan for her life, and we are excited to see it unfold.
Happy Birthday, sweet girl. We just couldn't love you more!

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Jeanne said...

she is adorable!