Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Curls or No Curls???

I finally cut off Clayton's curls. I am getting used to it now, but about 10 minutes after the curls were gone, I regretted it for the rest of the day. I saved his beautiful curls in a baggy though.Some have said, once the curls are cut, they don't always come back, but his hair is already looking a big wavy after just a week of his hair-cut- YAY! If no one is going to have my brown eyes, then at least one has the curly hair.
Sadie's hair, on the other hand, is stick straight. She has cow-licks and rooster tails all the time like her Grandpy Plank. :) She has been letting me put a clip, flower or pony-tail in occasionally, but most days, she prefers it stringy and sticking out all over the place. :)

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Crystal Mason said...

Awww...Parker has the cutest curls too! I'm hating the thought of cutting them off...oh well, maybe someday in the distant future! :-)