Wednesday, April 27, 2011

From The Orange Poppy: hola!

Our friends- Josh & Donna Peachey, just arrived in Guatemala are getting adjusted to living at the orphanage, Manos de Compasion. I feel like I already miss them, but I am so proud of them!!! Here is her latest blog post about getting set up.

The Orange Poppy: hola!: "Dear Fan Club, We’re here. Day 1 is soon over. The six bambinos are in bed as are the little people. The mediums will go in about 5 minut..."


Crystal Mason said...

Thanks for sharing! I was trying to find on a map how far they might would be from us since we're on the Guatemalan border. How neat if we could meet sometime. Would we know them or any family at all?

Kara Plank said...

I posted a picture of their prayer card. Maybe you'll think they look familiar, I'm not sure...? I know Donna grew up right next to Wes Walters' house, and you can find Donna on fb by looking at Tash's friends...haha. Josh worked for YOder barns. Both families are Mennonite, and Josh & Donna were commissioned from our church a few weeks ago. I can try to find out how close you guys would be. You'd just love them if ever given the chance to meet up!!! :)