Saturday, March 5, 2011


I have always heard of Lent and knew is was a Christian/Catholic tradition that prepared a believer for Easter through prayer & sacrifice for this 40-day period. I have thought different times that I'd like to try this tradition, and know many people who do. I have a number of friends who have given up sweets, or soda, or fast food, a favorite hobby or habit etc. for lent, and when cravings for those things came, they'd deny self and spend a bit of time in prayer as a reminder of what Jesus did for us at Easter. Of course, we shouldn't give "that which costs us nothing" (1 Choronicles 21:24), because that would be in "doing" and not in "being". Doing is trying to earn favor and being is simply being the vessel for Christ to be glorified whether it brings gain or not.
Over all, I think Lent would be a good practice to follow. Anything that helps to remind of the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus paid, is good.
Ash Wednesday starts the tradition of Lent and goes until Easter....think about it and prayerfully consider what God would have you to do with this idea.

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