Monday, February 28, 2011

WooHoo for Tax-Time! :)

Andy & I have had lots of projects waiting on our "to-do" list that could not get done for various reasons.
Timing...I want to repaint the porch, steps etc, but it can't be *winter* to do that.
Know-How...we have some plumbing jobs on the list, but we don't have the experience to get it done.
Money...We have a couple projects that are necessity, and some "dream list" projects that we never felt justified to just splurge on when there are other needs to attend to. But tax time, is a fun time to get caught up on anything behind (you know you've been there too!), and also to get some things done and bought that we didn't want to spend the extra money on.

We are excited to have gotten some projects lined up, and tonight, we finally bought our first NEW clothes dryer. It is not fancy, and it's not necesarily energy efficient, but it IS new, and that is so exciting to me! We have replaced our dryer's heating element at least once, and now we have a loaner dryer that is so old and going bad that it takes almost 3 hours to dry a normal-size load of laundry. If I forget to reset it, the clothes get a mildew smell, and i have to wash/dry all over again. ugh! Well, NO MORE!!!!
Our kitchen faucet has also needed replaced since our water is "hard" and makes build-up inside the fixture. We splurged just a little and got a better-looking faucet set than we had, and I'm so thrilled to make such a small, but cosmetically gorgeous change!

We also made a few small purchases to help with our "splash-back" area behind the stove and sink. I'm so excited!!! The planning of our bathroom project is coming together nicely, as well as some outside projects, and we can't wait to get started on those too, come spring-time!

God has been so gracious to our family, and I cannot thank Him enough for being our Provider, our Peace, and our Prosperity. Everything we own is really His, and we only hold it for a short time. (Matthew 6:19, 25-34)

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