Thursday, May 6, 2010

Soap Making

I have been enjoying making crafty things lately. This is homemade soap I made for a hostess gift recently. The box was a Whitman's chocolate box that I covered in brown paper bag, scrap book paper, rafia etc. The soap was made with oatmeal and formed into a heart. I'm looking forward to making more as I have time.

I'm on my 3rd batch of laundry soap too! :) I have had many requests for it, so I've been selling it for $1 per gallon, in case anyone wondered. (The first time is free to see you like it)


Missy said...

very cute. you do the coolest things, Kara. too bad we aren't friends. maybe you would send me some soap if we were!!!!! lol! that is very cool. would love to know how you do that. such a cute gift!

J & A said...

I would readlly like to know how you made the soap. I have wanted to make soap. Is this ad lye badsed soadp? Please share the recipe.