Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sgt. Plank Reporting :)



sherryldickinson said...

Hey, I really enjoyed watching this video clip, and hearing Sargeant Plank speaking.
It is interesting to see how each of Harry Plank's sons excel in their own areas of life.
I remember when I first heard the last name Plank. My husband was the maintenance man at GBS, and we heard James Plank preach a rapid-fire sermon at IHC, when he was quite young. We were impressed with his preaching. Since then, we have gradually learned more of the other's in the Plank family-by way of blogs (Jon's and Kara's), and by way of CDs. (Listening to sermons of Harry Planks.)
My husband, Bud Dickinson, served in the Navy in the Vietnam War.
We appreciate your wholesome spirit that shines through the pages of your blog, Kara.
Sherry in Phoenix

Missy said...

Thanks for posting this!!! Very cool to see and hear Sgt. Plank share his thoughts! He looked great!

Hope you had a great and relaxing weekend. Lv...