Tuesday, April 20, 2010

IHC week

Sadie's first IHC experience! :)

Clayton, Sadie and I enjoyed watching "music around the piano" with Bro. Paul Gray this afternoon. I think Clayton especially like watching the Shrout and Cassidy girls sing! :)

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Mark and Laura Fultz said...

What a great way to share IHC with your younguns! We were there in person and Nevaeh was very interested in holding a mic all by herself after watching the IHC kids do it. We had a weekend meeting the weekend after, and she wanted to "sing" with us evertime. lol Mark gave her an old mic that was NOT connected to the system as she had a way of creating a show all her own w/o being heard on top of it. She DID sing "Jesus Loves Me" using Daddy's mic!