Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Clayton's 1st Haircut

Clayton just got his first ever haircut! We wanted to wait until he was 2 years old. I really hated to see his gorgeous blond curls go...but such is life.
Here's the before picture:

Now my baby boy looks all grown up! Bittersweet!

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Missy said...

Isn't that hard?! We didn't cut Caden's hair until he was 2 either. Well...I guess I hadn't cut the back. I did trim the front a bunch of times because it was really really long and curly. If I didn't keep it trimmed every few weeks it would get in his eyes and bother him. It was hard for all of us. Braxton cried for hours. WE ALL had tears for a little while. lol! Clayton looks so grown up!!! 8-)