Monday, December 14, 2009

Sadie @ 4 Months


Sadie is a Mommy's girl for sure & she's little drama queen! She lets you know if she is happy & or upset with her healthy set of lungs! :) She is smiling & laughing out loud at Dad's silly faces now, & is rolling over to her stomach from her back now! She sleep 8-9 hours at night (yay)! She loves sitting in the bumbo seat & staring at the lights on the tree. She got weighed & measured today & was 14lbs., 7oz., & 24,5/8" long, so she is growing slower than Clayton did, but that is fine by me!!! (I hated to pack her 0-3 months clothes away!) I know a lot of you wondered if there was any update on her birthmark...The dermatologist is still thinking we need to wait before we decide on anything, to see if it will go away in time, on its own , & Andy & I agree!
Sadie is our sweet pea!
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Angie Davis said...

She sounds like a hilarious little girl! Glad I'm not the only one still blogging... :o)

Missy said...

She is such a beautiful little "sweet pea!" I noticed that her hair is really growing too! Isn't it fun to do the girly thing?! After 7 years of boys stuff I am totally enjoying the girly stuff too. Not that I have quit doing the boy stuff! lol! The other day Gerald and I were in The children's place buying clothes for the boys and I had a pair of jeans laid out to see if I liked them for Braxton. Gerald said..."do we really have a boy big enough to wear those?!" lol...time flies! Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas.