Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our New Driveway

Clayton watched in awe as the dump truck brought stone for our new driveway. He kept syaing "WOW!"

My Dad brought his Bobcat and Clayton was thrilled with that too since he thought it was "Muck" from Bob the Builder! :)

After a long while, I put Clayton down for a nap, and he was really quiet in there. I came out to talk to Dad, and we noticed Clayton looking out his window to watch, and his mini-blind completely destroyed! (click on the picture to enlarge!) Oh well, it's not every day, you have big trucks "playing" in your yard!

A view from upstairs in the house.

Clayton with our new driveway! Now we don't have to park on the road anymore and I don't have to carry loads of groceries an extra flight of steps-yay!


Missy said...

Oh my word...I think the picture of Clayton looking out the window is just classic!!! So adorable. And you are right...that mini blind is destroyed. lol! Guess he had to figure out a way to look out the window and that was the only way!!! So funny!

Caroline said...

Okay, I don't know if I would have laughed or cried over the mini blinds incident. But it does show that your little guy sure is determined to find out things! I didn't even realized that you had moved. I'm happy for you and your beautiful family!