Monday, August 17, 2009

Sadie's 1st Few Days

Mommy & Daddy meeting Sadie Hazel

Clayton meeting his baby sister...awww!

Clayton posing for coming home pictures with Sadie

A family picture before leaving the hospital

Arriving at home with our new baby girl!


Sorina said...

Dear Kara and Andrew, Clayton and Baby Sadie!!!!!!!
Congratulations to the proud parents of Princess Sadie and Big Brother Clayton!!!!!!!
Princess Sadie, Welcome! Glad to see you, cannot wait to meet you!!!!!

All the best to you!!!!!!!!
Sam, Sorina, Samuel, Michael and Marcus DeWolfe

David & April said...

Congrats! Quite a cute little family ya got there! Nice to know Andy is not leaving right away this time! Try to get some rest!

Missy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Missy said...

Baby Sadie, you are so precious! I was so excited to be able to finally "meet" you! Maybe someday we can actually really meet. Be nice to your mommy and let her get some sleep, okay? I know that your mommy and daddy and big brother are so proud of you. Braxton, Caden and Baby Jazzy are in dreamland. Hey...maybe you will see each other there. 8-) You are so beautiful! Looking forward to seeing lots more pictures of you!!!


Yes, Kara. I really did delete a comment that I left. I had mispelled something and I hate typos. lol! That is why the "author" deleted the comment. 8-)

Noah and Heather said...

Congratulations!!! Sadie is beautiful! I hope you are getting a little rest and recovering well!

Joy said...

She is just beautiful! So glad she made it safe and sound and that both Mom and baby are healthy. What a blessing! Gotta love babies!