Monday, July 27, 2009

Can He Really Be 18 Months Today!?

What a joy Clayton is in our lives!!! He is so active and is learning new words every day.
~He is really a climber, and he loves to play outside.
~He lines up all his trucks, cars & trains in a straight line every single day.
~He is learning to put his toys away when we say "clean up" (then he claps his hands and says "YAY!"
~He is a challenge in church since he just wants down to roam, but he LOVES to put money in the offering plate!!!
~He sings "Yeah, Jesus loves me" (not Yes....Yeah! :)
~He loves anything Thomas the Train!!!

"Riding" Daddy's bike

Only 18 DAYS until Clayton is a Big Brother!!!


Missy said...

Wow...18 months and in another 18 days you will have a baby girl. Yay!!! Happy "18 month" birthday to Clayton. I am sure he will be a good big brother. My boys love it!!! I love the "yeah, Jesus loves me" thing. So cute!!! Lv...

Sorina said...

I am so sorry for you guys loosing your dog. its absolutely shameful at some drivers ignorance and inconsideration for life in general. where we did not experience a situation like that, my next door neighbor did and her teenage daughter had close to a breakdown.
Congratulations to Little Clayton! 18 months, wow what a big boy! My boys still arrange their cars or soldiers or stuffed animals in a row. have not figured that one out yet. its wonderful that Clayton understands and enjoys picking up his toys now, because such an important task is hard to instill later on. its such a blessing to hear little voices sing. that's when you realize you hear angels sing. it looks like Clayton will be a protective big brother. Congrats!!!!!!!!!