Saturday, October 18, 2008

Busy Painting the Porch

(BEFORE) sad, I know

I have been busy with church revival, painting my neglected porch, Christmas shopping and general stocking-up with the anticipation of my husband's return from Afghanistan in a few short weeks! I still have more to do on my porch (some on the other side) but I find it rewarding to post this along the way instead of just waiting until the very end. So here is the freshly painted porch floor, as well as fresh-painted porch furniture. (I still have to sweep it, and then paint the trim, so maybe more pics to come when that's done...?)


David & April said...

I just LOVE your decorating!! Where did you get that milk can?? I've been looking forever! I want one for my front porch! Your paint job looks good!!

mama2ryleigh said...

Very cute! I love your wire egg basket!

Liz and David said...

looks good!!

Alicia Plank said...

Wow, Kara! Your porch looks great! It's amazing what a little paint can do.