Friday, July 25, 2008

Gifts from Afghanistan

Andy sent his neices and nephew each a gift made by the Afghan people. Clayton and I had fun delivering them and videoing the kids with their gifts. The girls got Afghan outfits, and Jamison got a slingshot. He has another gift on the way; something Andy wasn't allowed to send in the mail (I think a knife).
Here is Jennifer in her oufit.

Jamison holding his slingshot from Uncle Andy

Jennisfer and Clayton

Visiting Ashley and Lauren! Clayton loves pulling their hair- poor girls...

Ashley looks the part

Lauren didn't prefer to wear her "hat"

A picture for Uncle Andy

My water set- beautiful!

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Allana Martian said...

Very pretty water set! What is it made of? It looks like stone.

Thanks for your comment on my blog about AYC. I didn't know the Planks are related to the DeWolfs! Very interesting. I went to Penn View from K-7th. James Plank was in my brother's class. Are Andy and James brothers? James' wife, Marie, was in my class.