Friday, June 27, 2008

5 Months Today!

Clayton is such a big boy at 18 pounds and 26.7" long! He is rolling all over the place, likes his rice cereal, hums himself to sleep, and laughs out when you play with him. He is the joy of my life, and I am constantly amazed at his little hands, chubby legs, sparkling eyes and charming smile.


Kathy said...

Oh my gosh! I have almost the exact picture of Mason at 5 months! He is sitting in his little "play seat" just like (but not exactly like) Clayton's. It must be the age that they can sit, play, and really engage that we get them the play seat. I'll have to find the pic and e-mail you Kara. It's funny how things work, we've never met yet our lives paralell in an uncanny way! Mine is pretty good, so hopefully this trend keeps up! Smiling!

Boog said...

He's beautiful, Kara. Getting so big. Time goes too fast. Enjoy every little moment, coo and giggle. They seem to fade into the distance way too fast.