Tuesday, April 29, 2008


28 Today!!!
-Just want to say "Happy Birthday" and "I love you!!!" Andy is the most amazing husband. He is always thoughtful and patient and is willing to sacrifice his own comfort for the freedom of this country and others. My HERO!!!

A few weeks ago, Clayton and I had a mini birthday party for Andy. we had balloons, cake, and gifts- to wrap! We sang Happy Birthday to Andy on DVD, and packed a big 'birthday box' to send him in Afghanistan. It was fun. I also took our camcorder and recorded messages from his close friends and family. He got his box this weekend, just in time for his birthday, and loved his DVD and gifts!!! It was so much fun to surprise him with it!

Andy's wrapped gifts ready to pack

Andy's box ready to ship


Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday, Andy.
Hope all is going well over there.
We think of you often and are praying for your safety...

Missy said...

Kara, you are such a sweet and thoughtful wife. I am sure that Andy loved it. That is so cool that you and Clayton had a party for Andy's gifts. =) How unique!! lv...

Happy Birthday, old-man Andy. We pray for your safety and quick return to your beautiful family. Thank you for sacrificing so much for our freedom. Stay safe!!!

David Evans said...

Happy Birthday, Andy. I had no idea that your birthday was only a few days before mine. We are getting old. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

David Evans

sankey family said...

What a thoughtful, caring wife!