Monday, March 24, 2008

Recovering Specialist

If you are wondering about this title, it does have a 2-fold meaning. I am now recovering decently from my gall bladder surgery. I have a lot of pain and nausea yet, but I should be feeling back to normal soon. I will definitely be back to school by Wednesday. I have been staying at my parents' place, and they have waited on Clayton and me hand and foot.

I got a call from Andy yesterday, and he got promoted by the "Easter bunny" on March 23. At least that's what the officer said when he promoted Andy to Specialist Plank!!! I am so proud of my soldier!!!


David & April said...

Hope you get to feeling better, Kara! And CONGRATS to Andy! Quite an Honor!! Keep up the good work!!

Jenn said...

This is Jennifer(Double)Alexander.
My husband Rick served 4 years in the USAF, and is now in the Virginia Air National Guard. I know what it is to have your husband gone for weeks at a time. Thankfully, he was never gone for more than 3 months, and he never went to the "sand-box". He did go to Japan though. Rick is a Staff Srg.