Wednesday, February 20, 2008


For team: We wish we could be with you all @ St. Louis this weekend. Enjoy the major. Go ALL STARS
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Andrea and Ivan said...

You guys are so awesome!! The blog is such a wonderful place to hear about what is going on! You do such a great job! We will be thinking about you guys too, believe me! We are so excited to be going to St. Louis, but we are sad that you won't be there. We will call you so you can hear the excitement. We will be driving out after all and are leaving Thursday night at 11pm. We plan on driving in shifts. (Me, Ivan, and my Mom). Hoping to arrive by noon on Friday.
I know that you guys are cherishing every moment to be together right now, and just want you to know how proud of you we are:-). You are in our hearts, minds and prayers. God Bless.